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All that Tech Stuff

If you're into tech then here's some cool stuff about how it works!

Overview of the Architecture

Your YouStak marketplace can be embeded with as little as one line of HTML, and the youstak.js script code. This adds your marketplace to your webpage. When a user opens your marketplace, this small webpage is loaded from your site, and then YouStak talks directly to the users browser. As they progress through the marketplace traffic flows between them and the YouStak servers.

Wordpress is easy!

We have a wordpress plugin that prompts you for the information required. The plugin creates short codes for you to easily embed your marketplace. The shortcode saves having to type the script and html lines below.

Embedding in a website.

Your YouStak marketplace is created on, which stores your setup information and all the marketplace data, rules, preferences etc.. (It's securely stored in a mysql database). No passwords are ever stored (only encrypted hashes).

Your marketplace can be accessed by your web site via the youstak.js javascript file, with a <script> statement added to your web page. (In wordpress, the plugin generates a short code that you can use instead of the <script> statement.)

You can customise the layout of your marketplace by adding HTML tags to the same page. You can use either a set of YouStak positions or a single YouStak bundle to position your marketplace.

Styling with CSS

As mentioned, YouStak inherits styling from your web page.

But YES ... you can override the default styling using a custom css file. In addition to your standard web classes YouStak uses a number of YS- classes and gives you control. Simply add a custom css statement to the YouStak SCRIPT tag line by adding the data-css="" element.

Connecting to Facebook

YouStak allows you to connect your marketplace to Facebook, allowing members to post items of interest.

To allow this from your own Website, you must obtain your won facebook AppId for your marketplace. It's a simple and quick process, just follow our "how to" guide.