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Build your marketplace business with YouStak!

Create a powerful marketplace with no technical knowledge!

Why YouStak?


Do it Yourself

Our world leading platform allows you to build, customise and manage your marketplace - with No Technical Skills.


Design the Marketplace you want with your rules, your membership model, your pricing and your expertise.

In Hours

Get your marketplace site up and running in hours, not months and adjust your business model as you go!

Creating your marketplace couldn't be easier!

Create your Marketplace by following our 3 step design process

  • What's in your markeplace? Tell us your types of users and items.
  • How does it operate? Tell us your rules for users and items.
  • What does it look like? Tell us your preferred layout and color scheme.

Refine and Customise it further with the YouStak design console.

  • Customise your colors, branding and style.
  • Refine the way things work. What options are paid? Who can add items?
  • Extend the fields, search filters and review questions.
  • Fine tune your users. Are there different memberships for different types of users?

Integrated into your world

Your marketplace can be easily embedded into your new or existing website. Email notifications and social media links keep members informed.

Embed on your website

Your YouStak marketplace can be embeded on any webpage, including Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or any other standard tool.

Keep your marketplace top of mind with alerts and social shares

Your members can stay connected to your brand and marketplace even when they're not on your website.

Alerts can be set so members receive an email or push notifcation any time new items match their saved search.

Members can share items of interest on social media to introduce the marketplace to new audiences.

Your Marketplace - Ready for business

It's your Marketplace

YouStak provides the technology platform. You bring your idea, your network and your passion. We're here to help and have experts you can talk to. With YouStak you can be running and refining your business model within days.

Ready to grow

All your marketplace data flows directly between your users and the YouStak marketplace servers. You don't need a complicated setup or have to worry about server scalability as you grow.

You have Control

All the features of your marketplace are in your control. You choose the revenue rates, the marketplace rules. You have access to all your Marketplace data. You can manage users and items from your YouStak marketplace management console.

We're here to help

The YouStak team is available to discuss any special requirements you may have. We are constantly enhancing YouStak to meet the needs of our marketplace operators (you), and building custom functionality for individual needs.

Affordable Pricing

Our low monthly fees make it easy for you to start. Our 2 week trial period lets you get started today, and we take care of all the technical stuff. If you have special circumstances, we are happy to hear from you.

US 20/mo
  • 2 week free trial
  • Build a free Marketplace
  • All YouStak Features - Except Payments
  • Allow 200 Members or Items
  • Embed in your website
US 49/mo + 1.5%*
  • 2 week free trial
  • Build a paid Marketplace
  • Earn income from Transactions and Subscriptions
  • Allow unlimited Free and Paying Users
  • No YouStak Branding
  • * Revenue share depends on your revenue model - learn more
Ask Us
  • Customised Implementation
  • Options include:
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Custom hosting
  • Customized user pricing
  • Advanced Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

We love talking marketplaces, so if your question isn't here, please drop us a note.

YouStak is very flexible. You can create free or paid marketplaces. Marketplaces where members can trade or rent items. You can build a review marketplace where items aren't for sale of rent, but are there to be reviewed by other members. You can build a hobby collection marketplace where members can check off each item as they complete the full set of items.

You can choose to allow members to add items to the marketplace, or lock this, so that only your items are available.

Whether items can be reviewed by others is up to you.

We'll be surprised if YouStak can't build your dream marketplace, and if you have any questions we'd love to talk!

It's very easy to create. Normally its more about thinking through what things you want in your marketplace, what features you will use to categorise them and what questions will be part of any review.

Once you know what you want to do... it's easy.

We do have some restrictions, such as marketplaces that are offensive or illegal.

Other than that its up to your imagination !

Yes, your marketplace runs in your website inside one of your website pages. You can easily tailor the look and feel to make it fit right in.

Your marketplace talks to the YouStak data servers, where the information is securely held just like your website would talk to google maps or other cloud plugins.

Sure, any item in your marketplace can be posted to a user's Facebook page or twitter feed.

They click the a button and then write what they wish... the post includes the item image (for Facebook) and a direct link back to that item in your marketplace.

Yes... once you create a marketplace you control who has the ability to add things to it. If you don't allow anyone else to add then it's just your stuff that goes there.

Just make sure that your target community knows the URL or name of your marketplace.

Of course... there are a many revenue models built into YouStak. You may choose to charge monthly membership fees, even different fees for different types of members in your Marketplace.

You can use listing fees, where members pay a fee to list their item, or transaction fees, where a piece of the transacion price is kept by the marketplace.

Embedding the marketplace into your site, also allows you to build your own advertising right into the marketplace page.

YouStak has a simple marketplace builder. Feel free to start designing right away. This is a great way to think through all the questions that a marketplace needs.

The Start Designing link will start you on your way. Don't be concered if you make mistakes or feel you are guessing.

Everying can be adjusted later on in the YouStak designer.

Why not visit the Camping World Marketplace on the Inspiration page. Browse the equipment and have a look at them. Do a search ... see how the features of each are shown and what review questions are asked.

Sure... we love to hear from passionate YouStak users about any extensions that they have in mind.

Just fill in the information on our web contact page and let us know your thoughts.

Follow our simple step by step process

In just a few minutes you can be up and running!