Create your niche marketplace

Build a growing revenue stream and empower your users to connect, swap, buy and sell

A marketplace? Why?

Add Value

Create a home for your users to connect, share and transact with like-minded people.

Grow Revenue

Build a passive revenue stream from memberships, listing fees or transaction fees.

Increase Engagment

Leverage your users activity to increase engagement and bring new members to your site.

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Pick your niche. Create a Marketplace.

Regardless of your niche, you can customise your marketplace to suit your own needs.

  • Website and Mobile App Marketplace
  • Choose to allow sharing, selling or renting in your marketplace
  • Choose how you charge: monthly, % or free

Building your marketplace could not be easier!

Flexibility and ease of setup allows you to easily personalise the marketplace to your needs. There is no need for any specialised computer skills. Decide the types of items that you will include and the features and review topics for each. Choose the membership model and pricing structure.

Designed for Easy Integration

Embed on your website

Your YouStak marketplace can be embeded on any webapge, including Wordpress, Wix, Weebly or any other standard tool.

Keep your brand top of mind with alerts

Your audience can stay connected to your brand and marketplace even when they're not on your website.
Alerts can be set so they receive a email or push notifcation any time new items match their saved search.

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Instantly access your marketplace on YouStak mobile apps

YouStak apps for iPhone and Android are available to enhance your user’s experience.

Users have the convenience of native apps that provide a great mobile experience including a near-me search to find local items.

How it Works

Simple Pricing Model

Start for free. To make money from your marketplace, you choose from a range of user payment options.

You decide what is paid and free

You can have both free and paying members, and what features are available under each membership.

Make additional revenue

You can make money through fees for premium services in your marketplace such as a listing fee for new marketplace items.

Engage your community

Users of your marketplace can easily invite their contacts and share your marketplace details with their friends on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of marketplaces can I create?

You can create a searchable marketplace, a booking site, an online directory, a hobby exchange, a review site, an online catalogue and more...

The things in your marketplace can be added by you or your users (paid or standard).

Whether they can be booked or not is up to you.

Whether they can be reviewed by others is up to you.

Who can search them (anonymous or logged in users) is up to you.

Have fun setting up the marketplace of your dreams.

How hard is it to create a marketplace?

It's very easy to create. Normally its more about thinking through what things you want in your marketplace, what features you will use to categorise them and what questions will be part of any review.

Once you know what you want to do... it's easy.

Are there any restrictions on what it can be about?

We do have some restrictions, such as marketplaces that are offensive or illegal.

Other than that its up to your imagination !

Is my marketplace really part of my website ?

Yes, your marketplace runs in your website inside one of your website pages. You can easily tailor the look and feel to make it fit right in.

Your marketplace talks to the YouStak data servers, where the information is securely held just like your website would talk to google maps or other cloud plugins.

Can Items be posted to facebook ?

Sure, any item in your marketplace can be posted to a user's Facebook wall.

They click the Facebook button and then write what they wish... the post includes the item image and a direct link back to that item in your marketplace.

Can marketplaces be personal ?

Yep... once you create a marketplace you control who has the ability to add things to it. If you don't allow anyone else to add then it's just your stuff that goes there.

Just make sure that your target community knows the URL or name of your marketplace.

Can I make money from a marketplace?

Sure... there are a few ways to make money from a marketplace.

1) By embedding your marketplace in your website and using advertising on the page

2) By charging fees to premium users such as those able to add things to your marketplace

3) Via the transactions that occur on your marketplace such as purchases or rentals.

How do I get started building a marketplace?

Before you start, you need to understand what a marketplace is all about. How about browsing the Napa Wineries marketplace as an example.

Then decide what your marketplace will be about and whether it is local or global. Make it clear when you register your marketplace its purpose and reach.

Click on Start Building and follow the prompts. Don't worry if you make errors as they can always be changed later.

What is a good example marketplace?

Why not visit the Napa Wineries Marketplace on the Inspiration page. Browse the wineries and have a look at them. Do a search ... see how the features of each winery are shown and what review questions are asked.

Can I request new features?

Sure... we love to hear from passionate YouStak users about any extensions that they have in mind.

Just fill in the information on our web contact page and let us know your thoughts.

Follow our simple step by step process

In just a few minutes you can be up and running!