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Our Pricing Model makes it easy to start

Start for free

Use your 2 week trial period to get your marketplace up and running, and become familiar with the YouStak toolset.

Affordable Plans

Our standard plan allows you to earn revenue from your marketplace memberships and transactions. Choose our Lite plan for free marketplaces!

Focus on your customers

Your YouStak plan means YouStak is taking care of the technology so you can focus on your customers and your business.

Our simple pricing model

Choose between our Lite plan for free marketplaces or our Standard plan to earn revenue.

US 20/mo
  • 2 week free trial
  • Build a free Marketplace
  • All YouStak Features - Except Payments
  • Allow 200 Members or Items
  • Embed in your website
US 49/mo + 1.5%*
  • 2 week free trial
  • Build a paid Marketplace
  • Earn income from Transactions and Subscriptions
  • Allow unlimited Free and Paying Users
  • No YouStak Branding
  • * Revenue share depends on your revenue model
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  • Customised Implementation
  • Options include:
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Custom hosting
  • Customized user pricing
  • Advanced Integration

Standard Plan Revenue Share aligns YouStak with you

Revenue share reduces your financial commitment upfront, and also aligns YouStak with your growth.
Our revenue sharing depends on the way you choose to setup the revenue model in your marketplace. Here's a guide as to how we calculate the revenue share. Talk to us about your plan if you want to know more.

Free Users

Once you sign up to a Standard membership, you can have any number of free services within your marketplace. There is no YouStak charge for users and transactions that aren't earning you revenue.

Membership Fees

Where you choose to earn revenue directly by charging a membership fee to users, YouStak retains 15% of the fee. Hence a $10 per month fee for a user will earn you $8.50 and YouStak will retain $1.50.

Transaction Fees

When you earn revenue as a percentage of transactions within the marketplace, YouStak also retains transaction revenue generally around 1.5% of each transaction.

Listing Fees

When you earn other revenue directly from users activity such as listing fees, or premium service fees, YouStak retains 15% of the fee. So, a $10 listing fee will earn you $8.50 and YouStak will retain $1.50

Different marketplaces sometimes need a different approach... talk to us!

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