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The Wordpress Plugin

The Wordpress plugin is the easiest way to integrate your marketplace with your Wordpress website.

To install the plugin

That's it! Your YouStak ShortCodes are now ready for you to add your marketplace into your WebSite.

Short codes

Embed the marketplace with the standard layout:
(If you use this you don't need any other short codes on your marketplace page)

[youstak-full] The full marketplace

Embed each marketplace element seperately:
(Assign marketplace elements to each position in YouStak Manager)

[youstak-engine] This is required just once anywhere on the page.
[youstak-menu] Menu Position
[youstak-top] Top Position
[youstak-fullwide] Full Width Position
[youstak-left] Left Position
[youstak-right] Right Position
[youstak-bottom] Bottom Position

Codes for other pages on your site :
(Use this to allow members to be recognised on other pages of your site, and to show items from your marketplace.)

[youstak-items count=6 cols=3] This will show 6 items in 3 columns at this position on the page
[youstak-member] This is required just once anywhere on each page to give a membership feel
It's not needed if you have [youstak-items],[youstak-full] or [youstak-engine] on the page already.

The easiest way to embed your marketplace is to add the [youstak-full] shortcode to one of your wordpress pages.
To customise the layout fully, you can use more detailed short codes, but you must add the [youstak-engine] short code somewhere on the page as this links the short codes to YouStak.
On other pages, use the [youstak-items] short code to display a grid of items from your Marketplace, or use the [youstak-member] short code to controll all the advanced integration options.

Website Advanced Integration

You can enhance the integration between your website and your marketplace with codes that tell YouStak how you want the marketplace to connect to your page.

Here are some link examples:
This link will appear only when the visitor is logged out. It will take them to the marketplace and ask them to Register. This is a great link for a "Join" button or menu item.
This link will take them to the marketplace and ask them to Register using the membership plan code "P2". This is a great link for a "Join Now" button on your own plans page.